Wellington Swimming Club's latest News

11th Tiverton Sparkler Meet

At dawn on November 5th Wellington swimmers gathered at Tiverton pool and first warm-ups completed, the competition began.  Ali and Bryony got the day off to a "flying" start, all 200m of it, taking the top two places in their age group, the first time either had swum the event in competition.

From then on the day continued to bring success after success.  Bryony, Ben, Rohan and Russell all took top spot in their respective 100IM events, the first three achieving PBs as did Mia.  Ben didn't slow down, taking six seconds off the time he swam at Plymouth only a month ago inthe 200m backstroke and Russell followed suit with a similar improvementin his PB.

Next up came the 50m freestyle, with Lydia, Bryony, Lucy,Mia, Evan, Owen, Sam and Rohan achieving some big PBs.  Owen came soclose to dipping under 27 seconds, missing out by only five hundredths of a second due to a misjudgement on the turn.  That barrier surely hasto be broken very soon.

Ali, Ben and Rusell kept the good news coming with more medals and PBs in the 200m breaststroke and were joined in the next event, 100mfreestyle, by Bryony, Mia, Evan and Sam, all seven improving their times.  Barely pausing for breath Ben and Russell repeated their success in the 200m freestyle and were joined in the medals by Rohan.

Evan was then back in the pool with another PB in 100m breaststroke, followed by Ali and Charlotte repeating the feat in 100m backstroke.

The last event of the day, when most people were starting to feel quite exhausted, was 100m fly.  Ben dug deep in his last swim of the day, finally climbing out of the pool with nothing left to offer but a huge grin having won another gold medal.

In total the swimmers achieved 31 PBs and won 14 gold medals, 7 silvers and 1 bronze, not forgetting two goody-bags won in the "hot heats".

All the swimmers worked very hard over the course of a long day and their results were thoroughly deserved.  Well done too to Seren and Lucas, both attending their first open meet.  And finally congratulations to Russell for capping the day's events by winning the "Top Boy" award.

South West Winter Championships

Over the same weekend that many swimmers were competing at Tiverton, Farran and Charlotte E were swimming in the 15 and under age group at the South West Winter Championships.

Charlotte took second place in the 200m butterfly event, third place in the 200m breaststroke, 200IM and 400m freestyle and fourth in the 400IM and 200m freestyle events.

Farran was 8th in the 200m breaststroke, 14th in the 100m breaststroke and 19th in 50m breaststroke.

Georgia swims the "Castle 2 Castle" open water race

On 4th June Georgia took part in the "Castle 2 Castle" open water sea swim between Pendennis Castle in Falmouth and St Mawes Castle, a distance of one mile (sixty-four lengths for those who prefer to do their swimming indoors, though sea swims often end up longer than the stated distance thanks to tides and waves).  Georgia was one of the youngest of the 250 entrants as  the race is limited to swimmers at least fourteen years old.

She finished the race in a time of 29 minutes 58 seconds to take second place in the women's under 18 category and give her fourth place overall in the women's standings.  Her time also saw her ranked 18th out of all the competitors taking part.  An outstanding result.

She is now hoping for further success later this month in the "Henley Classic", a 2.1km upstream swim in the River Thames starting at dawn.

Cotswolds Series 'A' Final

Well done to all the swimmers who took part in the Cotswolds Series 'A' Final at Hutton Moor on 22nd April.  There were some very strong performances, particularly from some swimmers who had very little competition experience.

Cirencester dominated the gala from the start, but competition for the lower places was very tight with positions changing hands throughout the evening.

At the end of the evening only eleven points covered fifth to eighth places, but unfortunately Wellington finished eighth in the final standings as a result of having more than thirty points deducted for swimmers who had finished races faster than the allowed time limits for those events.

Somerset County Championships 2017

Congratulations to Ben A, Russell, Rohan, Bryony, Ali, Farran, Bess, Lucy R, Jenson, Owen, Charlotte S, Ben S, Marlena and Georgia who all qualified for this year's County Championships.

The swimmers achieved a number of finals and podium finishes:

Farran had an outstanding championships, taking first place in the 13 years 50m and 100m butterfly, 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle, 50m and 100m backstroke, 50m, 100m and 200m breaststroke and 200IM, 2nd in the 400IM, 200m backstroke and 200m butterfly, 3rd in the 100IM and 400m freestyle.

Rohan finshed first in the 14 years 50m, 100m and 200m freestyle, second in 50m butterfly, third in the 100m butterfly and 8th in the 100IM.

Ben A took first place in the Seniors 400IM and 200m butterfly,  2nd in 400m freestyle, 3rd in 200m freestyle, 100m butterfly and 200IM, 4th in 50m butterfly and 200m backstroke, 5th in 50m backstroke, 6th in the 100IM, 7th in the 100m freestyle and 8th in 50m freestyle.

Bryony finished 5th in the 12 years 100m butterfly and in the 50m backstroke and butterfly.

Owen finished fourth behind Farran in the 100IM, second to his first place in the 50m and 100m breaststroke, 3rd in 50m freestyle and  butterfly and 7th in 50m backstroke.

Ali took third in the 12 years 400IM and fifth in 200m breaststroke

Russell was 7th in the 15 years 100m breaststroke.

Jenson was 6th in 50m 16 years and over 50 backstroke and 7th in 50m butterfly.

Ben S took 7th in the 13 years 200m breaststroke.

Farran's results were also sufficient to win the trophy for the Junior Championship in 100m and 200m breaststroke and 400IM.